Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.

Henry Ford (1863-1947), US-american industrialist

Teambuilding and teamwork cannot be summed up much better than in this quote by Henry Ford. Success does not come from a good strategy and good products alone. Only the team, motivated employees in the right positions and competent managers, who in turn can motivate and inspire, build the foundation for this. Teamwork and the continuous development of the organization and its employees are the base of every company and ultimately determine success or failure.

Coming together.

Keeping together.

Working together.

At the beginning, there is the selection of employees, the coming together. You need the famous “good hand” to find the right people. In this case, the right people do not just have the necessary professional skills, but also the soft skills that not only fit into the corporate culture, but also further enrich the team. Then comes the keeping or staying together, the employee retention. Of course, you especially want to keep the good and successful employees in the company as long as possible. Finally, good cooperation will be achieved through an organization, where teamwork is encouraged and the success of the team always comes before that of the individual.

Building an organization and creating the right team spirit across departments and hierarchies is not an easy task, and the following questions arise:

Which kind of corporate culture do we want to develop or maintain?
Which form of an organization suits us best?
How do we find the right employees who fit into the organization?
What kind of managers do we need?
How do we create development opportunities for our employees?
How can we retain employees long term?
How do we maintain team spirit and corporate culture across distances and time zones?
How do we avoid “silo thinking”?
How do we avoid internal competition and “political games”?
How do we create innovative power throughout the entire organization?

I would be glad to support you with the development of your orgainzation.

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