Approach each customer with the idea of helping him or her to solve a problem or achieve a goal, not of selling a product or service.

Brian Tracy (*1944), US-american author

The approach of this quote is also promoted by the author Keenan in his book “Gap Selling”. Sales should be perceived by the customer as an advice to close the “gap”, the gap between the actual state and the desired goal. Furthermore, with gap selling, the sales department learns a great deal about the customer’s needs and thus obtains invaluable information for the strategy and product development in its own company.

Building a successful sales strategy, raises questions like:

Who are our competitors?
What is our unique selling proposition?
Who are our target customers and how do I reach them?
Who is our contact person (buyer persona)?
What is our value proposition for our target customers?

Do we need our own sales team?
Should we work with an outsourcing service provider?
Should we build a partner network?
What can we implement digitally and online?
Which sales channel scales best?

Which countries and regions have the biggest potential?
Which countries have the lowest entry barriers?
Which functions and teams do we need locally?
Do we want or need to establish local subsidiaries?
What are the local legal restrictions?

I would be glad to support you to develop and implement your sales strategy.

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