Either we find a way or we build one.

Hannibal Barkas (247-183 v. Chr.), Carthaginian commander

Hannibal is said to have responded with these words to doubts about the possibility of crossing the Alps with elephants. Does not everyone know the feeling that you have your goal clearly in front of your eyes, but not the path that leads there? Or you know the path, but it seems that there are insurmountable obstacles on it? As an interim manager and consultant with focus on international B2B sales in the IT industry and a passion for technology, I will help you to find the way to achieve your goals. And if we do not find a way, we build one!

My expertise as an interim manager

Interim Manager Jürgen Thiel

Building international B2B sales >>> Depending on product or service, target group, buyer persona and target market, the question is which sales channels are the right ones and, even more, which ones scale best. Read more...

Entering new markets >>> The first very and obvious question is, which countries or regions will offer the biggest potential for my product or service. But this question alone does not really go far enough. Read more…

Building, developing and leading international organizations >>> Only the right employees in the right positions and competent managers who can motivate and inspire, form the basis for sustainable success. Read more…

Change management and transformation >>> Strategic inflection points often involve major transformation processes that the management team must shape and master successfully together with their teams. Read more…


Leadership Coaching

B2B Sales
Leadership Coaching

I am working primarily with startups and medium sized companies in the IT industry. Therefore I am very often confronted with the challenge that time-to-market is delayed or innovative ideas even cannot be turned into products. This is caused by the lack of qualified IT staff, especially software developers. For that reason I co-founded pyraCode GmbH with the objective to provide an additional service to my clients by building and managing outsourced software development teams for them.

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