If you stop getting better, you’ve stopped being good.

Philip Rosenthal (1916-2001), German industrialist

This quote is used in countless articles and lectures, but is nevertheless, or exactly because of this, still very true. Resting on the success of the past rarely leads to sustainable success in the future. For your sustainable growth and success in the future, I would like to support you in building and implementing your go-to-market and sales strategy and developing your organization.

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Product and strategy

A good idea does not by itself turn into a good product that is successful on the market. And if a product is already successful, this success usually does not last forever. At some point, every company reaches a strategic inflection point at which a new idea, a new product or a complete new strategy must lay the foundation for continued success.

Organization and team

Success does not come from a product alone. Only the right employees in the right position and competent managers who are able to motivate and inspire form the base for it. Developing the organization and the employees are at least as important as the development of a good product. The team is the basis for success!

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Business segments and markets

Finding the right business segments and markets that promise long-term success is not trivial in most cases. Which market segments have the greatest potential? Is there still a “blue ocean” somewhere out there? Does the home market still have enough potential for long-term growth? Which markets have relatively low entry barriers?

Marketing and sales

Once you have found your business segments and markets, you need a well-planned sales and marketing strategy. But which sales channel is the best one? Is online marketing and sales the only right way? Or do you need your own sales team? Or an outsourcing service provider? Should you build up a partner network?

JHTconsulting consulting sales marketing

I am glad to share my experience to develop your strategy, expand your business, grow the organization and actively support change and transformation processes.

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