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The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.

Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961), US-american author

This quote sounds quite simple, but in reality it is often very difficult to put into action, in particular for many managers. What does this have to do with new work and flexible working models? A lot, because for many managers and companies, that seems to be the biggest challenge when it comes to remote work. In a few years, a management trainer will probably describe the year 2020 as the turning point towards remote work and remote management. And he will also report out on the positive effects this had for many companies and especially for employee motivation.

Remote work and remote management have always existed.

In my entire career, I have almost exclusively managed virtual teams, some of which were spread around the globe across five continents and twenty different time zones. Remote work and remote management have always existed in principle, especially in companies with international sales organizations. What many people like to call the “new normal” has always been normal for others. Today, there are discussions ongoing that so-called distributed companies without any offices at all could become the standard in the future, at least for some industries. I am convinced that new work, basically flexible working models, can bring great benefits for many companies.

But you have to plan this carefully and the following questions arise:

Which ist the ideal work model for us?
How do we convey and maintain our corporate culture?
How do we keep the team spirit alive?
How do we motivate our employees and keep them loyal to the company?
Which technologies and work tools do we need?
How do we organize virtual meetings and workshops?
How do we replace the personal “conversations at the coffee machine”?
How do we integrate new employees?
What is the legal framework?
What needs to be taken into account regarding data protection?

And most importantly…

How do I as a manager create trust and do not fall into control and micromanagement? I described some of this in a blog article some time ago.

I would be glad to support you in developing and implementing the ideal flexible work concept for your organization.

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